Best Herbal Medicines To Treat Various Illnesses (From a Real Herbalist)

Somthing that’s supremely annoying to me is when websites like Healthline get ranked in Google for herbalism/alternative medicine topics and Healthline just suggests some generic remedy that isn’t all that effective anyway (“use ACV! use Honey! use Baking Soda!”) (Worse yet is when it’s some fake blog set up to generate advertising revenue giving out BS health information…)

With AI now junking up search engines (and due to the COVID era) it seems that Google is becoming more stringent about health subjects ranking in Google.

… Even though I’ve caught universities and so-called scholarly sources using AI to generate content. I actually saw one that was promoting “home remedies” for schizoaffective disorder. (???)

I’m all about the herbal remedies but as someone with education in both the psych field and herbal medicine, I can say that I don’t believe home remedies are really effective for schizoaffective disorder.

(Although there has been research that found correlation between schizophrenia and Omega 3’s. Like many other conditions, there MAY be a nutritional deficiency responsible for some “psychotic” disorders. Although I highly doubt this is what said website was referring to.)

BUT I DIGRESS, it’s really frustrating to see a so-called reputable website recommend such bad natural remedies when so much better ones would work. No wonder people think herbal remedies don’t work!

So I decided to put together a comprehensive list of herbal remedies that I’ve actually used and proved remarkably effective OR remedies herbal teachers with way more experience than me have used successfully to treat conditions OR is so effective that research even found it effective.

This is just a list I’m going to update regularly since I am working on compiling my own materia medica.

Acne: Colloidal Silver (Gel, can mix w/aloe), Frankincense essential oil

Antibiotics: Colloidal Silver, Garlic,

Antifungal: Garlic, Oregano Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil,

Anxiety: Kava Kava (acts on GABA receptors), Skull Cap, Holy Basil

Bloating: Fennell

Burns: St. Johns Wort Oil (infused oil not essential oil)

Cold & Flu: Elderberry, Echinacea (Lessening Severity and Duration) Elecampane for Coughs

Cold Sores: Oregano Essential Oil (In my experience, diluting with other oils made it worse but I’ve had rapid success with un-diluted)

Constipation: Fiber (whole wheat toast, shredded wheaties), Psyllium Husk (this is what Metamucil is…), Senna

Cough: Elecampane

Dark Spots on Skin: Chamomile poultice

Digestive Discomfort: Bitters (Oregon Grape Root + Orange Peel + Fennel)

Diabetes: Ashwagandha, Apple Cider Vinegar (drink when blood sugar is high), Cinnamon

Depression: St. John’s Wort (Short-Term Use Only), Velvet Bean (plants containing dopa mucuna– especially recovering from drug addiction impacting dopamine)

Detoxification: Milk Thistle, Dandelion

Exhaustion: (Nascent) Iodine, Ashwagandha

Hangovers: Milk Thistle

Inflammation: Vitamin D

Insomnia: Valerian Root, Kava Kava

Migraines: Magnesium, Ensure hydration

Muscles Aches: Magnesium, Bananas (Potassium), Vitamin D

Panic Attacks: Holy Basil

Stress: Ashwagandha, Chaga Mushroom, Maca Powder

Sunburns: St. John’s Wort Oil (infused oil not necessarily essential oil)

Tiredness: Yerba Mate, Chaga

Ulcers (Mouth): Raspberries (smush and hold on affected area)

Yeast Infections: Oregon Grape Root/Barberry/Goldenseal (Berberine), Boric Acid, Tea Tree Suppository, Garlic (Suppository)

Withdrawal (Opiates, Alchohol): Kava Kava, Black Seed Oil

Whooping Cough: Elecampane (Syrup or Tincture)

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