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Herbal Remedy for Hypoglycemia

Does anyone else have weird hypoglycemia symptoms after eating? No, just me? Well, I found this recipe that is supposed to help with hypoglycemia and have been meaning to make some of it. Tumeric and kudzu root are both said to be blood sugar stabilizers, whereas the licorice just increases blood sugar. Ingredients 2 parts …

Best Herbalism Books: An Ongoing List of Resources

Best Herbalism Books One of the most popular questions about herbalism (at least according to keyword research) is how do I learn herbalism? Where can I learn herbalism for free or cheap? Luckily, there are no formal degrees necessary that you need to become an herbalist, so you don’t NEED to spend any money at …

dandelion: this one not so good for dandelion coffee.

How to Make Dandelion Root Tea: The Best Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe

Despite being the bane of suburban lawn-havers’ everywhere, dandelion has gained popularity for it’s robust health benefits. Dandelion, or taxaracum officinale is a popular the herb-of-choice for many herbalists treating liver support, detoxification, digestive woes and PMS.

Since it’s now a trending drink among non-herbalists, the world is wondering: what is dandelion coffee (tea), what its benefits are and most pressingly: does it actually taste like coffee?!

Stick around, because this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process from foraging to brewing– even if you’re not a seasoned wildcraft-er.

Burdock (Arctium minus, Arctium lappa)

Family: Asteraceae Description: 1st season – Long-stalked, heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 18″. Dark green leaves, wavy edge and wooly underneath. Looks similar to wild rhubarb, although Burdock has a potent (bad) smell, unlike wild rhubarb. 2nd season – Branches stem during second season and grows to 3-5 feet. Leaves are alternate, ovate …