Herbal Remedy for Hypoglycemia

Does anyone else have weird hypoglycemia symptoms after eating? No, just me?

Well, I found this recipe that is supposed to help with hypoglycemia and have been meaning to make some of it.

Tumeric and kudzu root are both said to be blood sugar stabilizers, whereas the licorice just increases blood sugar.


2 parts turmeric (powdered)
2 parts kudzu root (Pueria montana) (powdered)
1 part licorice (powdered)


It would probably be easiest to throw it into some gelatin capsules and take it that way. Otherwise, if you like to live dangerously, you can also just take it as-is.

Other Information

Kudzu is a weird-sounding herb that is considered to be invasive. … So invasive, in fact, that it’s not even allowed in Wisconsin. The DNR tells you that if you find an invasion of it, you’re supposed to run it over with a lawnmower and dispose of by burning or bagging and putting it in the landfill. [2] (Sad) (At least no one will get mad at you for harvesting it?)

Some of its common names are “vine that ate the South”, “foot-a-night” vine and Japanese arrowroot.


  • High blood pressure
  • Water retention


[1] Henriette’s Herbal who got it from a post on a message board (I believe) from 1995 by a character named Rick.

[2] Wisconsin DNR Website https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/Invasives/fact/Kudzu

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