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dandelion: this one not so good for dandelion coffee.

How to Make Dandelion Root Tea: The Best Dandelion Root Coffee Recipe

Despite being the bane of suburban lawn-havers’ everywhere, dandelion has gained popularity for it’s robust health benefits. Dandelion, or taxaracum officinale is a popular the herb-of-choice for many herbalists treating liver support, detoxification, digestive woes and PMS.

Since it’s now a trending drink among non-herbalists, the world is wondering: what is dandelion coffee (tea), what its benefits are and most pressingly: does it actually taste like coffee?!

Stick around, because this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process from foraging to brewing– even if you’re not a seasoned wildcraft-er.

Herbs & Supplements held in front of a bible

Is it OK for Christians to Use Herbs?

It’s hard to deny that many big players on the pharmaceutical field have committed some serious ethical transgressions, ranging from funding scientific research to skew results in their favor, to pushing dangerous drugs on people for profit. Just Google practically any pharmaceutical company’s legal history and you will likely find a mess of unethical conduct. …